Founded by Michael S. Weiss and Dr. Lindsay A. Rosenwald, Opus Point was formed to pool the founder's respective expertise and significant experience to create the premier biotechnology- focused investment fund.

In the ‘90s, Mr. Weiss and Dr. Rosenwald worked together to build a successful mixed biotechnology investment firm.  With activities spanning from incubating new companies, to investment banking and hedge fund management, our founders were pioneers in the biotechnology industry.

In 1999, Mr. Weiss founded his own biotechnology company, ACCESS Oncology. Following Mr. Weiss’ departure, Dr. Rosenwald continued to build his biotechnology incubation business and became the most prolific incubator of new biotechnology start-up companies through much of the early and mid- 2000’s, including the co-founding of Cougar Biotech, which was acquired by J&J.

Meanwhile, Mr. Weiss was building ACCESS Oncology by focusing on acquiring anti-cancer drugs.   In early 2004, ACCESS was acquired by Keryx Biopharmaceuticals.  Mr. Weiss continued to operate Keryx following the acquisition of ACCESS Oncology.  In 2009, with Keryx prepared to commence two large scale Phase 3 clinical trials and on sound financial ground, Mr. Weiss felt it was an opportune time to turn over reigns to the Company he had built to his team to execute the remaining clinical trials and for him to exit Keryx and return to the finance side, interested in starting his own hedge fund.  

Around the same time, in late 2007-2008, Dr. Rosenwald, sensing the market conditions were changing, decided to shut down his incubation and biotech finance business to new investments and focused his efforts on finding exits for his existing portfolio companies in a market that was beginning to feel the first tremors that would lead to a global collapse.  Coincidentally, Dr. Rosenwald, separately decided that he wanted to get back into the hedge fund business.

At one of their regularly scheduled “catch-up” dinners in 2008, realizing that they both had the same idea, Mr. Weiss and Dr. Rosenwald agreed to form a new joint venture focusing on building a new hedge fund.

In that instance Opus Point was born with a goal of leveraging the partners’ respective expertise and significant experiences over the last 20+ years, together and separately, to create the premier biotechnology-focused investment fund.

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