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Our vision in forming Opus Point Partners and the Opus Point Healthcare Innovations Fund was to design a highly liquid, diversified strategy for investing in publicly-traded biotechnology and life science companies that could reproducibly over a long-term investment horizon generate exceptional returns.  In many ways, it was a stark departure from our past, where our prior business activities naturally created illiquid and concentrated positions.  Whether from being the founder of a Company or the CEO, we were forced to accept unmitigated, un-hedged concentrated risk.  Unlike investors in our Companies, we had limited ability to protect our investments from negative events, typically associated with biotechnology.

The Innovations Fund takes advantage of our years of experience in the sector, targets area’s where we were successful in the past and avoids areas where we encountered failures.  It compiles thousands of internal data points to identify the profile of the best investment opportunities and to avoid the pitfalls.


Our Values have remained constant through-out our careers; we value honesty and integrity above all, for ourselves and our employees.  Life science and healthcare investing is a tough business.  Most things fail.  We respect management teams that put their careers on the line so that a random select few may succeed and improve all our lives.

We have learned recently that the temptation to cut corners is running rampant on Wall Street.  Our longevity in this business is a function of our strong beliefs in fair dealing and fair play and we spend a great deal of time sensitizing our employees to these issues.

We are very proud of our long-term records, with success comes failure, but in either case, we succeeded or failed honestly and will continue to do so.

We bring that same vision, value and passion to Opus Point Partners with the goal of investing together for the next 20 years.

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